Savanna's story

Because her family medicine provider listened to her, Savanna and her husband can finally enjoy the chapter in life known as parenthood.

Angie's story

Patients are more than a diagnosis to Physician Assistant Angie Olson—they are like family. That is why she takes the time to get to know each patient personally.

Micah's story

Micah views his work as an anesthesia provider as being the perfect blend of science, art and patient care. He is proud to be on a world-class team.

Debby's story

When Debby needed surgery, she counted on the team members at Mile Bluff. She trusted their expertise, and knew that she mattered to them.

Erin's story

As a nurse, Erin often connects with patients when they are most vulnerable. That is why she makes a point to lend support and make a difference every day.

Ed's story

When his knees failed, Ed turned to Dr. Horan for help. Two knee replacements later, Ed is happy to have his life – and his golf game – back.

Dr. Horan's story

Doctor Horan is pleased to have the opportunity to offer his orthopedic patients the best of both worlds – excellent care and exceptional caring.

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From preventative care to life-saving treatment, finding the right provider is an important step on your way to better health. Our caring, experienced healthcare team looks forward to meeting you at the intersection of compassion and excellence.

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